Advanced Wound Treatment

Advanced Wound Treatment

Advanced Wound Treatment services offered in Anaheim, CA

Pressure sores, arterial and venous ulcers, and other wounds can be disabling and could result in amputation of a limb in the worst cases. If you have a hard-to-heal ulcer, wound care specialist Wayne Rash, DPM, of Anaheim Wound Care in Anaheim, California, can help. Dr. Rash uses cutting-edge tests like real-time bacterial fluorescence imaging and skin perfusion vascular testing to assess ulcers before applying advanced wound treatments that help ulcers to heal. To benefit from Dr. Rash’s expertise in advanced wound treatments, call Anaheim Wound Care today or book an appointment online.


What are advanced wound treatments?

Advanced wound treatments help your tissues heal when you have conditions like:

  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Arterial (ischemic) ulcers
  • Pressure sores (decubitus ulcers)
  • Post-surgical wounds and complications
  • Post-Mohs (skin cancer) surgery
  • Radiation wounds
  • Non-healing traumatic wounds
  • Atypical ulcers

These serious wounds are slow to heal or resist treatment entirely. They can be painful, and because they’re open to infection, ulcers can result in such severe tissue damage. At that point,  the only option is amputation.

What advanced wound treatments might I need?

The advanced wound treatments you need vary depending on the type of ulcer, its severity, and whether there’s any infection. Dr. Rash creates a personalized treatment plan for you that could include therapies like:

Specialty dressings and wraps

Dressings must keep the ulcers clean and prevent infection while promoting healing. Dressings might contain alginate, foam, film, hydrocolloid (moisture-retentive gel), or hydrogel to encourage moist wound healing.

Skin substitutes

Cellular and tissue-based products make good skin substitutes to cover a non-healing wound.

Skin biologic therapy

Skin biologics use healthy skin to cover a wound. An autograft is a sample of skin from your body, while a xenograft is a sample from an animal (typically a cow or pig).

Amnion membrane allografts

The amnion membrane is part of the afterbirth discarded once a baby’s born. Healthy donors provide this invaluable material, which is full of growth factors that help wounds heal.

Multi-layer compression therapy

Compression therapy uses special bandaging techniques to apply exactly the right amount of pressure to improve circulation without restricting it.

Epidermal grafting

Epidermal grafting uses only the top layer of your skin, which isn’t as painful as taking a full-thickness graft. It’s also less likely to cause complications than a normal autograft.

Noncontact low-frequency ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy reduces inflammation and helps destroy bacteria in the wound.

Oxidized regenerated cellulose silver

This treatment helps create the right environment for healing and corrects biochemical imbalances in wounds.

Native collagen

Native collagen is a protein that forms an essential part of your connective tissues. Applying collagen to the wound promotes healing.

Why should I consider advanced wound treatments?

Wounds like venous stasis ulcers can be such a challenge to treat that many people live with them for years, despite receiving medical care. Dr. Rash specializes in these conditions, meaning you can access the most effective, comprehensive wound care available.

Dr. Rash also uses cutting-edge diagnostics and evaluation tools like skin perfusion vascular testing (to check blood flow in your legs) and real-time bacterial fluorescence imaging (to assess bacteria levels in your wounds). Using these techniques enables Dr. Nash to design a treatment plan that’s far more likely to heal your ulcers in the shortest possible time.

To benefit from advanced wound treatments, call Anaheim Wound Care today or book an appointment online.